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Monday Cute: It’s Okay Little Emu Friend, I’ll Play With You If That Basset Hound Won’t – Though if it wants to, it can come, too.

basset hound emuTh

You like emus, right?

No, seriously, I don’t know what kind of cute animals millennial kids like these days, and I figure the more obscure, the better, yeah? Well I do, and I also like Basset Hounds, so this video of a baby emu trying to play with its basset hound pal really hits all the right notes for me, let me tell you.

It’s especially cute because basset hounds normally look so … non-plussed about literally everything. So the little emu pecking at the basset hound’s ear looks extra cute because it looks like the hound is just like, “Hey. Hey. What are you doing? Okay. Sure. Keep doing that. Whatever.”

This video also pulls in some extra bonus points because of the multiple basset hounds roaming around in the background. I mean, what a life, right? Surrounded by Good Doggos and Tiny Emus … there’s just no way these are the only animals they’ve got, right?

(via Laughing Squid)

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